Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings

Are you or somebody you know not feeling well?

Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings can help.

Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings allow you & your microscopist to observe a drop of your blood to become aware of the cellular conditions and health of your biological terrain and organ systems. This real-time observation of your blood allows you and your healthcare professionals to better direct your customized healthcare protocol according to your individual health conditions and needs, to allow the body’s innate healing ability to function more quickly, effectively, and thoroughly.
Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings last about an hour, give or take. A very small blood sample is taken painlessly with no more than a quick prick of a finger. Using a high-powered microscope and computer monitor, the cellular terrain of your blood is observed by you & your microscopist, and documented. Following your screening you will receive an emailed comparative report which will feature labeled pictures of points of interest in the cellular conditions observed, suggestions of organ systems that could use more support, and suggestions for nutrient building blocks useful for supporting those particular organ systems and you as a whole. Once this report is emailed you can forward it or print it for your healthcare practitioners to use as a tool in guiding your healthcare protocol. If you don’t have anyone helping you with your health, referrals for healthcare professionals can be given by request.
In addition to observing how one feels, many people find that by comparing Microscopic Bio-Cell Screening Reports from different screenings performed over a period of time they can learn how their body is responding to dietary, lifestyle, and therapeutic changes made. You can compare your reports from any amount of time in between screenings, whether they are 1 month, 3 to 6 months, a year, or even several years or decades apart. For more quick & responsive positive health changes, and so your health protocol can be adjusted as your body adapts over time, we recommend Microscopic Bio-Cell Screenings be performed monthly in times of health crisis, and every 3 to 6 months in times where less extreme healing & change is needed, as health maintenance, or to help guide you to the next level of personal health & performance. 
Each appointment costs $175 total, which includes the microscopic Bio-Cell Screening using all 3 microscopic techniques shown in the photos above, as well as the documented observations emailed to you in a consistent comparable report. You may file this report in your personal health file or share it with those health professionals that you work with.
Any age from newborn to nearly-dead can take part and benefit from receiving a Microscopic Blood Screening. No preparation or fasting is necessary. Simply come as you are.