Meet Bio-Cell Techs

Meet Bio-Cell Technicians & Technologists

Jenny of Holmes Health co-founded and works to support CBRI’s Research Platform. She not only provides the Bio-Cell Screening, she is also trains and certifies other Bio-Cell Techs to properly perform CBRI’s standardized workflow as a Bio-Cell Technician to document biomarkers with a forensic software to bring empirical data and translate it into science based data.

What is the difference between a A Bio-Cell Technician and A Bio-Cell Technologist?

Both technicians and technologists perform Bio-Cell Screenings for healthcare professionals. However, technologists offer more complex documentation skills of cellular hematological forms of biomarkers and know software procedures to document hematologically termed biomarkers in CBRI’s forensic database to further the research.  For example, technologists may perform the Bio-Cell Screening and perform terming and producing a report for healthcare professionals, whereas technicians perform only the Bio-Cell Screening, which is a tech position and ends with transferring documented images to a technologist.  Bio-Cell Technicians usually work under general supervision of a Bio-Cell Technologist, CBRI Admin and/or with Leading Researchers in the field.

All Bio-Cell Technicians, Bio-Cel Technologists, Leading Researchers, and Healthcare Professionals piloting Bio-Cell Screenings and Reports with Jenny and CBRI are in understanding that we are not utilized and accepted within the medical model yet. Professionals receiving the Bio-Cell Reports are impressed with the productivity offered by Bio-Cell Reports. Together we cooperate to pilot a conceptual model for the most advanced and innovative research platforms available in blood microscopy. Help us take back our health on a cellular level.

Track your biomarkers. Track you health.

Currently, Bio-Cell Screening appointments made on this site may be offered by one of CBRI’s three technicians. Once you book your Bio-Cell Screening at your preferred location,date, and time- a technician will be assigned to your appointment according to availability of the technician according to your booking specifics.

Appointments performed by CBRI Bio-Cell Technicians are designed to be identical and produce the same results, even though your technicians changes your appointment will not.