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Physical Vascular Circulation can improve restricted circulation in the smallest blood vessels and thus support the body’s own self-healing and regeneration processes. The circulation is the human body’s supply system. 75% of it is in the area of the smallest blood vessels – micro-circulation. It is in the area which the blood vessels supply the tissue and organs with nutrients and oxygen, taking waste products with them for disposal on their way back. Only with the action of circulation to provide supply and disposal, can the body’s cells fulfill their varied life-supporting tasks and provide the body with energy. The heart ensures that the blood cells move through blood circulation. However, in total the blood corpuscles have to supply and cleanse an area of over 62,000 miles, vital organs demand the most blood circulation to keep alive and functioning. This leaves the smaller vessels to lie stagnate until the body demands circulation to occur. The smallest blood vessels drive the blood cells with their own pumping movements – vasomotion, and support the heart in this way. Additionally, tiny vessels regulate blood flow with their movements in such a way that areas requiring greater supply at a given time are better supplied with blood than those with a periodically lower requirement. For example: During sporting activities, the muscles have a high requirement, and the brain needs less. When learning- exactly the opposite applies. The pumping movements of the smallest blood vessels help the blood cells to do their job precisely where it is most needed.

To offer a visual; think of a river with tributaries. Those tributaries do not flow like the main river. The cleanest healthiest water is in the river, not the tributaries due to stagnation that commonly occurs in the tiny streams. When the river has low flow due to demands, the tributaries contribute their stagnant water to keep the river flowing. If we flush or circulate our tributaries in our vascular rivers, we enable and provide cleaner, healthier blood to our bodies for healing and performance.

Holmes Health offers an opportunity to experience a frequency or a signal that enables micro-circulation in every part of you. This circulation provides you with delivery of needed tools for functionality, and detoxifying actions. .

Circulation is health. The results are impressive. When increased circulation is applied the body’s defenses are strengthened, both physically and mentally, as their performance levels rise, diseases are better combated, and oxygen/ nutrients/ medicines/ supplements circulate to their goal more easily.

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